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JANUARY 14-15, 2023

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Why should you learn Laravel?

What you will get in this Workshop

What you will learn in our 2 Day Workshop

Day 1

1. Learn Basic HTML
  • a. Learn the basics of HTML, and Views & Blade Templating Engine
2. Working with Routes
  • a. Using artisan to see routes
  • b. Creating routes for CRUD operations and REST methods
3. Controllers and basic Response
  • a. Creating a controller and functions in controller
  • b. Calling controller and function from Route
4. Model
  • a. Basic MySQL
  • b. Generating models
  • c. Getting started with Eloquent

Day 2

Project Building: Blog Post
  • a. Students will build a Blog Post Website using PHP Laravel.
  • b. The Instructor will review and give feedback to the project

Joe Palala

Joe Palala is a web developer, speaker, and tech community leader with 10 years of experience working as a PHP developer and 5 years experience with Laravel.

He became a speaker at the PHP Asia Conference in 2018, and he also works and builds a community for Laravel developers in the Philippines.
He teaches students the basics of Laravel to be able to develop simple websites for their clients.